For our first ever interview, we have photographer Siddhartha Bharati, who has some really vivid points to make. Check it out!

What do you want to say with your photographs, and how often do you achieve that goal?

I’ve always been a great admirer of nature and it’s love which sub consciously stays within me and my art form is a way I could express it out. My Photographs are my own way of proposing my Love to the Nature. The Nature is simple, mellow, artistic in its own way and I just capture that through the camera and put it out, so others could feel that beauty of that moment.
In our increasingly busy daily lives, seeing one of my photographs, should transport the viewer to that serene place for a moment and fill their hearts with peace and love. I try to emulate this experience whenever I click my shutter.

Music as an influence, your take.

Music has always been a great influence for me. It has given Peace, Joy, Love & acted as a companion. Music makes it easy to get aligned to your authentic sense and makes me to be in the present moment which is an important aspect for a photographer. And as its said, there’s a lot we can infer about a person from their taste of music. I totally agree with that. Listening to music helps me to concentrate and You would find me at most time with my headphones on.

Have you found your own photography style? If yes, describe your style.

My main aim when I shoot something is it’s be with natural elegance. So I would say I’m more of a travel photographer, with special interests in Landscapes and Close portraits. I find it fascinating to bring out the complexities of a person through his face. The vulnerability, the duality within each person is an interesting aspect which I like to explore most times in my portraits.

Which is your favourite lens? Why?

As my preferred styles of photography are Landscapes and Portraits, For portraits I prefer the 85mm Prime lens, F1.4 or F1.8. This makes the image sharper and wide aperture which gives you ample to play around without worrying about light. For landscapes I was happy with the kit lens 18-55 or the 24-70mm lens.

What do you like the most about being a photographer?

The ability to freeze and capture a moment. You create a memory of a moment, and sometimes you create a moment. This ability to create and re-create is a fulfills the desire as an artist. And because of this thirst, it drives me to travel more and explore places. Most of all it has given me the Joy of enjoying every little moment. Because photography has shown me the importance of every little moment. I’ve learnt to create the beauty from a moment which sometimes may even last just for a fraction of a second.

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