YouTube is bringing out so much content in these lockdown times, that it is difficult to qualitatively find something good to watch. Presenting ” Backyard Bistro” a mini series on YouTube that is both engaging and reflective.

I must confess that I am part of the team that brings you this 5 episode relish, but foremost being a cinema lover, a review being written could not be stopped.

” Backyard Bistro ” is what you call a perspective piece, the idea is to find out whose perspective it is. The answer lies in the title of the series. The restaurant Backyard Bistro plays the central protaganist as it narrates the stories of different characters that partake in it.

Director Selvendran

The director Selvendran show cases what can be done in a small space, as he maneuvers the camera from the point of view of the audience getting us close to the love story of Seyon and Swetha, the hate story of Premini and Kiruba, the angst of Ilampirai and the distraught of Tariq, individuals having their own baggage stuck in the time space of Backyard Bistro, a silent spec theatre.

With down to earth performances and spectacular visual framing and movement, the series slowly pulls you into its narrative reminding you of so many instances where you have overheard or glimpsed human conversations like these when you were having a grub. It does bring a sense of realism and also that small smile on your face.

If the idea is to get entertained and ponder, reminisce and realise, watch and reflect, ” Backyard Bistro ” is a great watch. Smartly written, beautifully shot and tactfully acted, the piece of art is stepping towards change of style and conventional ideas. Kudos to all of them. May there be more pieces like these.

Catch the series on the YouTube channel Crew21.

Review by Sidarth Raj

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