Leaving my parents for the first time was very difficult for me. I came to Georgia to pursue my dream of becoming a doctor.

When I entered Georgia it was snowing,very cold and I wasn’t used to so cold weather. I was shivering and then going to college was a very hard task. Getting up early in the morning during cold wasn’t easy, I used to feel to roll in my blanket and stay warm, but had no option since attendance was a must. I had to go walking with my group because the buses weren’t scheduled at the mark. I wasn’t understanding the language of Georgians, it sounded something blabberish. It was very difficult to communicate and understand anything, we used to use google translate, until I learned Georgian language at my university, then it never seemed hard because I understood something rather than nothing.

Georgia is a country which has 95% Christianity but as every religion has it own castes and Christianity too does have. Georgia has Orthodox Christians and I am a Roman Catholic Christian, both of us believe in one God but there are differences in prayers and scriptures. There are quite few Roman catholic churches in Georgia.

I visited “St. PETER AND PAUL CHURCH” which is for Roman Catholics. It was very beautiful, the rituals and prayers enchanted were same as in India.The choir was melodious and peace giving. I also visited an orthodox church by name THE HOLY TRINITY CATHEDRAL. It was quite massive and mesmerizing. There was no prayer service going on, but I got a chance to visit the interiors. There were many things many images I didn’t understand but I understood one thing that devotion of the people in both the places was very pure divine and satisfying.

More to write as I’m going to be in this country for my studies. Adiós, for now!

Love & light,

Mashenka Gail Noel Rodrigues

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